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Kaycee is an upcoming fantasy novelist, slam poet, and proofreader when she isn't offering her services as a private childcare professional.

She started writing stories at eight years old and didn't stop. She graduated high school in 2009 and went on to earn her Associate's degree in Liberal Arts on scholarship from Metropolitan Community College, continuing to write outside of her studies. The next step in her college career was to study English at the University of Iowa, for which she had to move to Iowa City, IA, four hours away from her hometown of LaVista, NE. Taking a year off of school to establish residency, she began working full time in a daycare and fell in love with early childhood education.

Over the next five years, Kaycee would continue to gain experience as a daycare teacher as she worked full time to support herself through school. While in Iowa City, she started writing slam poetry, performing for various churches and campus ministries. She was one of the last students to graduate from the University of Iowa's selective Creative Writing Track before the school replaced it with an open creative writing major. After writing her thesis, The Storyteller's Apprentice, she graduated with honors in 2017. She returned to Nebraska to marry her husband in 2018.

Currently still living in Nebraska with her husband, Kaycee provides private childcare as a nanny to two families full time as she continues writing fantasy and offering proofreading services.

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