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Kaycee Lynn Pancake

Adventures of a Wordsmith

Words are the most basic building material of communication, and written ones are my favorite. They can reach into a person's soul through a story, sing the deepest emotions to the heart, and sort out a muddle of thoughts. Here, you can find news of my work with all of the above. Thank you for visiting!

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Content Creation

Entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly common in today's economy: for all of their perceived faults, we millennials just want to work...

Parenting a Rainbow Baby

It is Bereaved Mother's Day, and seriously, I don't know what to do with it. And as a bereaved mother who doesn't know what to do with...

Playing Outside

As Spring struggles to muscle its way into the Midwest, my one-year-old and I were blessed with an opportunity today to put on sunglasses...


I attended a sermon this morning about Adam and Eve. It was a great sermon that covered a lot of ground, from the physical location of...

Floppy Fish: A Betta's Tale

I bought Floppy the betta fish in February of 2020 for work. I was in a two-year-olds’ class at the time and we were doing a pet unit....


Hey Guys, I just remembered something: I have a blog! As I’ve been literally living the dream as a SAHM (that’s Stay-At-Home-Mom for...

Happy Angelversary, Ryder Isaac Richardson

We weren’t planning on getting pregnant just yet, we just sucked at natural family planning. But the doctor had said it was okay for us...

New Blogs and Child Care

In the current culture, most people have at least contemplated starting a blog. Many have actually done so. Some have done so time and...

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